Conference Title: Security and Peacebuilding in the 21st Century

Purpose of the Conference: The main purpose of international relations, which emerged after the First World War, has been to prevent wars and establish peace. Within the framework of these purposes, the League of Nations was established, but the fragile structure of the League of Nations could not prevent the outbreak of a new war. Although the international system did not face a new great war with the experience of the United Nations, instability continued in different regional subsystems. However, the nature of the international system, which tends to be open to power struggles and conflict of interests, causes various conflicts in the international arena, thus making it difficult to achieve the establishment of sustainable peace. The end of the Cold War has transformed not only the international system but also perspectives regarding security and peace. In this regard, new security and peace issues/approaches such as humanitarian, ecological and technological security were added to the realist security understanding of the pre-cold war period, which is solely state-centered. Along with the conflicts growing in the 21st century, there is also an increase in the issues causing those conflicts. Moreover, norms and institutions that prevent these conflicts and regulate international relations are insufficient

The purpose of our conference, of which theme is security and peace, is to address the elements that threaten security and peace in various regions of the world, and to discuss possible solutions. Besides, it is aimed to provide an academic platform where graduate students, who are at the beginning of their academic lives, can contribute to this field by expressing their approaches and solution proposals regarding the construction of security and peace in the 21st century.